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frequently asked questions

Q: Why should I have the DAV help me with my claim instead of just file it myself?

A: DAV is the leader in VA disability claim assistance! The VA filing process can be confusing to many people. Our trained and certified Chapter Service Officers (CSOs) understand thoroughly the VA claims and appeals processes and have the experience to ask the right questions to ensure that clients get the optimal results from their disability and/or pension claims.

Q: Why use an Intent to File instead of filing a claim?

A: When a person knows that they want to file a claim but needs more time to gather evidence for the claim, an Intent to File will set the date to which the claim will be paid when a compensation award is made by the VA. Once an Intent to File has been submitted, the client has one year to submit the completed claim or the Intent to File becomes invalid.

Q: How can I get an up-to-date status on my claim?

A: Call the VA National Claims Status Line at 800.827.1000 or the DAV National Service Office Line at 888.604.0234.

Q: How can I get a copy of my last Decision Letter ?

A: Call the DAV National Service Office Line at 888.604.0234.

Q: Why is it taking so long for my C&P exams?

A: Like most face-to-face activities, C&P exams are backlogged due to the pandemic. The VA is working with providers to try to catch up. The delay is currently 3-4 months.

Q: What kind of burial benefits am I entitled to as a Veteran?

A: There are a number of burial benefits available to Veterans. First, the VA will provide a grave marker or headstone (depending on criteria set by the cemetery or mausoleum). Veterans who were discharged under honorable conditions may be interred at National or State Cemeteries. There is also reimbursement available for some of the expenses incurred in burial, including cremation, casket (to a limit), and transportation of remains to the cemetery or mausoleum. Finally, a burial flag will be provided.

Q: What death benefits is my surviving spouse entitled to?

A: There are two basic benefits available to surviving spouses--Dependency Indemnity Compensation (DIC) and Survivor's Pension.

  • DIC refers to a benefit when the Veteran dies from a condition for which they are receiving disability compensation or are at 100% disabled and died from any condition. The Veteran must have been rated for disability for at least 10 years and been married for at least one year (and currently married) to qualify for this benefit. 

  • Survivor's Pension may be available to surviving spouses whose income is below a cap set by the federal government. This cap depends on your situation (Click HERE for rates).

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