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There are two types of claim that you may qualify for:

   * Compensation for service connected disabilities, mental or physical

   * Aid and Attendance and/or pensions for low income, severely disabled Veterans, and surviving spouses

Many Veterans are not aware that they can be compensated for service connected problems that they may have may result in them receiving compensation. Our highly-trained Chapter Service Officers (CSOs) can help you with your service connected claims with the VA. They can advise you on what service connected conditions you may qualify for, how to get the necessary evidence, navigate the complicated VA system for compensation claims, and help fill out the necessary claims forms for you.

Trained and certified Chapter Service Officers prepare and file Veterans' applications for service connected disabilities or pensions, including (but not limited to):

   * Aid and attendance for severely ill or disabled. The attendant may be your spouse or another person.

   * Pensions for Veterans whose income falls below specified levels.

   * Filing for enrollment in the VA Health Care System.

   * Filing for additional compensation for dependents, including parents, spouse, and children.

   * Application for burial benefits.

   * Application for compensation, surviving spouse pension, Dependency Indemnity Compensation (DIC), and accrued benefits.

   * Veterans application for Individual Unemployability.

What You Will Need

It is necessary for each claim to have relative evidence to support the Veteran's disability or pension claim. It is important that you have this paperwork with you when you meet with a Chapter Service Officer (CSO).

Required for all:

  • DD-214 or

  • NG Form 22

  • Veteran's Social Security Number

  • Bank RTN and Checking Acct number (for direct deposit)

For Medical Claims:

  • Records from private providers

  • Dates of service by VA providers

  • Dates of service by military providers

For Aid & Attendance or DIC/Pension Claims:

  • Documentation of service-connected disability affecting Veteran

    • Will require examination/certification by doctor on VA Form 21-2680 or 21-0779​

  • For DIC/Pension, Veteran's death certificate

    • DIC: Death certificate must show a rated disability as primary or secondary cause of death​

To Establish or Remove Dependents:

  • Adding:

    • Birth certificate (minor children)​

    • Birth and Marriage certificate (spouse)

    • Social Security Number (children and spouse)

  • Removing:​

    • Marriage certificate​

    • Divorce decree or death certificate

    • Social Security Number of Veteran and person being removed

If you need to order your DD-214, Service Record, or Service Medical Record, use Standard Form 180 (SF-180)

If you want to get the Veteran's Aid & Attendance exam done prior to your meeting with a CSO, use form 21-2680 (in-home) or form 21-0779 (nursing home or assisted living)

What to Expect

  • You will receive a copy of your claim paperwork. Any time you come back to the office regarding your claim, bring that paperwork along with you as well as any associated paperwork or correspondence.

  • If the VA requests you to fill out more paperwork, bring them into the office so that we can forward them to ensure that they were received.

  • Within 5-10 business days, the DAV will send you a copy of the cover sheet used to upload your claim into the VA system. There is NO action required on your part when you receive this cover letter copy.

  • Within 3-6 weeks after that, the VA, VES, or QTR will send you a "C&P Request for Examination" (C&P = Compensation & Pension) for disabilities listed in your claim.

    • If you do not see the VA for your medical needs and do not get this letter, bring your documents back into the office so we can do an inquiry.​

  • Keep all your appointments!

  • Normally, about 2-3 months after completion of your examinations, you will get a Decision Letter.

    • If you get a large deposit from the VA in your bank account, do not spend it until you receive the Decision Letter!​

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