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LCDR Jim Ellis, USN(Ret)


Jim Ellis is a Chapter Service Officer at East Valley Chapter 8 for Disabled American Veterans (DAV), assisting his fellow veterans and their families in receiving the benefits & assistance they have earned through their service.


With local Draft Board on my heels, I enlisted in United States Navy in 1966 as Electrical Nuclear Operator/Maintainer (EM) I promoted to EMC in 1975. In 1976 I was selected for Limited Duty Officer (LDO) and served 15 years as a Naval Officer in Nuclear maintenance and repair billets.


As enlisted, I served on USS Bryce Canyon AD-36 and two nuclear cruisers: USS Truxtun DLGN-35 and the USS California CGN-36. Deployments included two tours off the coast of North and South Viet Nam, and a North Atlantic cruise.


As a Commissioned Officer, I filled progressively senior positions in nuclear ship and submarine repair on nuclear capable repair ships. I served on the USS Puget Sound AD-38, the USS Emory S Land AS-39 and the USS Dixon AS-37. Deployments included three Mediterranean and one Indian Ocean cruises.


My final assignment was Military Director of Ship and Submarine repair and overhauls at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard. I directed the successful renovation and repairs to four capital surface ships and six nuclear submarines at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard. I managed staff of 12 repair officers supervising 1200 civilian and military trades and crafts.


I retired from the United States Navy after 25 years as Mustang Lieutenant Commander.


Truly the most gratifying position I have ever served is as a Chapter Service Officer at East Mesa Disabled American Veterans Chapter 8.

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